Your body, as you perceive it now, is not "your body".

It's how you perceive it now.

It might not even be how you perceive it now because you might be focusing on some sense data you recently received, so in a way you're perceiving your body in the past!

Or you're sort of perceiving it in the future.

I sneezed (past tense) and then think I am getting sick (in the future).

I notice belly fat (noticing is now past tense)... and the I think... I am getting fatter (in the future)... or... I take that information and make a decision.

Okay, I am noticing that I became (past tense) too fat, so I am deciding to become more fit (in the future).

So I don't hold on very tightly to the "reality" that I am too fat and that's "who" or "what" I am... and develop my path towards what I want more and being that.

I am not delusional - if there is some path with creaky boards and given that I weigh 200 pounds, I should expect them to not support my weight, I don't pretend I am 130 pounds and would easily be supported... but I might not do something like create some narrative like: "I am certainly unattractive because I have more body fat than I'd ideally like to have" - because that might not be based on reality - the matter of attractiveness is based on whether or not the person is attracted to you, NOT strictly tied to height, weight, money in bank etc...

It's not just that we "borrow" our bodies from God, it's that they are changing immensely all the time.

There's a huge difference between a tired body and an inspired body.

When I'm tired, I do not usually like working or being awake. This is obvious, but it's deep because the depth of recognition that we are just experiencing our body's NOW or our thoughts about them from the past or the future... opens up the path of potential.

Do I feel like running 10 miles right now? Maybe not... COULD I run 10 miles and be happy running 10 miles regularly were I to train for that, sleep properly for that, eat properly for that... yes. I can get a real positive feeling about that prospect - but it's because I recognize things can change instead of being stuck in the present where I imagine pain or boredom or disappointment with how slow I am and the idea that I used to be faster or younger or something. 

Maybe I'm gonna go running soon...

You can use this meta cognition about whatever.

You feel tense. You are angry. You are depressed. Scared. Whatever. Recognize that it's how you feel now. It's likely because of a recent thing you identified and has to do with projections about the future.

Often we have feelings without recognizing our responsibility for our projections in the future.

"oh no, we lost some money... i guess we will be totally ruined in the future... now we are so depressed..." - can think that without recognizing the responsibility for future actions and expectation of good action and good results.

Plenty of people live without being consistently decisive and creative let alone responsible for their thoughts and words and actions to a high degree, if you would do that, you might become an outlier in your recent social sphere.

Self control and personal responsibility are not super popular - and they're not promoted typically in school, media, social media - they can in fact be attacked from many places. Social media wants us scrolling forever etc...

If we are responsible for our thoughts and deeds, we can see how much more malleable things are.

I am doing some daily stretching. When I stretch, I can sort of see what I "can't do", but I see a direction and progress to make that "can't do" into "can do".

We can make "can't" into can.

That's worth remembering because "can't" might really feel like we truly can't do it.

We really can't lift that weight right now.
We really can't run those miles in that time.
We really can't see those things clearly.

Until we can.

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