Products I use and like


I've been moving away from wearing plastic based fabrics like polyester as well as avoiding bedding made of it. So I bought this organic cotton blanket. It's not very warm, but it has a "fresh" feeling and a good weight to it.

My Eyesight Improvement Book!


I've been using this DAVIDS toothpaste lately, and it has actually noticeably whitened my teeth. What I really like about it also is I believe it's non-toxic. Other toothpastes make me feel like I need to spit out for minutes after because the weird chemicals are in my mouth. Also, the name for the toothpaste is very good.

This is the toothpaste I previously used:

Hello is similar to Davids in that it is supposedly non-toxic so there's no gross chemical taste during or after use, but it doesn't have the noticeable whitening effect that Davids had.

Pinhole Glasses

I used Pinhole Glasses early on my eyesight improvement journey. They're helpful because they don't bend the light towards your elongated retina, they just point it straight back so you can see clearly without having your eyes encouraged to be the wrong shape. Warning: Do Not Wear Them While Driving.

Talking Clock

Why did I buy a talking clock for the visually impaired?

Because I like to wake-up with natural light, and if I open my ipod to check the time (as of July 2023 I still don't use a cell phone), then the artificial light stimulates me, and I'll diminish my rest quality. So I got this talking clock where I can just press a button and hear the time instead of see it!

Food Dehydrator

I've been using these Excalibur dehydrators since 2016. Very happy with them. I can fit 100 bananas in one go with the 9 tray. Have made beef jerky, kale chips, and many other things. Definitely worthwhile having a dehydrator.


My Dinner with Andre was a great movie with excellent replay value. It is a dialogue driven film starring Wallace "Inconceivable" Shawn and Andre Gregory. I won't spoil it by sharing the contents of their conversation, but it's a deep conversation about life. I will certainly watch it again.

Infrared Light

I got this for my infrared bulb for red light therapy.

I don't know very much about red light therapy. But I bought a bulb and set it up in this lamp, and I enjoy it from time to time. It's very warm, and it feels really soothing on the eyes. It's much less expensive than those red light boxes that cost hundreds of dollars, and I believe it does the same thing.

I bought a different lamp from somewhere else. Don't remember where, but it was more expensive. I think this bulb does the same as it did, and it's 'amazon's choice' so I figure it's satisfactory to most people. Pretty decent set up for $30-40.

Shower Filter

I try to avoid being exposed fluoride and chlorine and whatever random chemicals are added deliberately or inadvertently to the water supply, so I drink filtered water or spring water and use a shower filter when I can. The Adovel shower filter is the one I have at home. They claim to filter out fluoride which I don't think is realistic, but they say it does it and it's another "amazon choice" product so maybe that's believable. I don't know. But it was easy to install and a reasonable price and I'm happy with it in terms of water flow and spread.

Grounding Pad

Grounding. I think there's something to it. I don't feel like writing a review or about the science. There's something about negative ions and free radicals or whatever. I have noticed it has a sort of nice "cold feeling" that I like. It fits my placebo model so that's good enough, but I really do think there's something to it. I definitely know that I find it restorative to lie down on the grass, so this is like a second best thing or as good as it gets for a bed perhaps. Looks like I wrote a little review after all. Good job!

Barefoot Shoes

I've been wearing barefoot shoes for a long time now. Since 2011 or so. I used to walk barefoot a lot as well, actually barefoot. Not sure how or why I started initially, just thought it was cool. Then at some point got into the thinking behind it. I read Born to Run by Chris McDougall and that inspired me to run more and to wear flats. I generally have a belief in the natural design of the human body being fitting to the environment and that we don't or shouldn't need "help" like cushions or things like that. Obviously there are many places where I'd want to wear shoes, but I think we're built for the world.

Anyhow, I have worn a variety of shoes. Vibrams - the toe shoes. Vivo Barefoots. And Xero Shoes. I like all of them, but have been wearing Xero's the most in the past few years. I'm very happy with them, except for the fact that the shoe laces tend to come undone when I don't double knot them. I think they look good. They feel light. I feel connected with the ground. I use them for all activities. Playing basketball, gardening, hiking, lifting, dancing, whatever. As an aside, I don't think people necessarily need external ankle support to play basketball. I do think that wearing shoes without ankle support will lead to developing muscles differently though. The first time I played basketball in Vibrams I found myself sore in muscles I didn't know I had, even though it wasn't a particularly challenging outing. It just led to utilizing different muscles differently. I think it's a good thing. I haven't had an ankle injury in many years of playing without ankle support. If you're totally used to playing with ankle support though, maybe it would be good to build up to it before going without it. I'm not sure. I am sure about these shoes though as good shoes - especially when compared with shoes with a lot of padding etc... I just don't see how the shoe manufacturers can really know what's optimal in terms of shape and design, so I'd rather go with something that fits with human design.

Also, these shoes were first recommended to me by Yuri Marmerstein, someone I've had the privilege of working with and highly respect when it comes to the human body and performance.

These are one of the models I currently wear:

Portable Bidet

So you made it to the bottom. Well, what could be more appropriate than a portable bidet!

Toilet paper doesn't clean that well on its own. This portable bidet is inexpensive and reasonably effective. If you're not going to buy a full bidet, get the portable one.

Thank you for perusing the products I recommend! Your support means a lot to me! Please let me know if there's a product you think I should review and display!